Question about controlcard ID

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Question about controlcard ID

Postby djafferian » Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:39 pm

From in the default template in the collections package :

<div class='ccardcontent'><span class='ccardlabel'>ID:</span> <?php echo($objCollection->Classification->toString(LINK_NONE, true, false, true, false)); ?>/<?php echo($objCollection->getString('CollectionIdentifier')); ?></div>

If the object has a CollectionIdentifier but no Classification then no ID is displayed on the control card page. Our archives administrator would like to change our template to show the CollectionIdentifier as the ID even if the object has no Classification. Certainly I could change the above code to satisfy this request, but would this be sensible or is there a reason the above code is the way it is ?
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