Request hi-res copy feature bug, resolved

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Request hi-res copy feature bug, resolved

Postby gordieschmitt » Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:01 pm

Archon v3.21 and v3.20
The "Request hi-res copy" option below images wasn't working because of an error in
packages/core/ .

The form was displayed but did not do anything and left you with a blank browser screen at times.
Here is how to correct the problem. I looked back at it also existed in v3.20 but not in v3.14

There is a typo in the code around line 3468. Here is the code:

3468 if($RepositoryID)
3469 {
3470 $repository = New Repository($RepositoryID);
3471 $repsository->dbLoad();
3472 }
3473 else
3474 {
3475 $repository = $this->Repository;
3476 }

The variable $repository is misspelled in line 3471.

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St. Cloud State University
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