Adding & Deleting items in new 3.10

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Adding & Deleting items in new 3.10

Postby sandl » Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:03 pm

We still have our XML error every time we try to update anything.
Windows; Firefox 3.6.3; Archon 3.10
This version does NOT WORK for editing collection content.
Please fix it.

Delete an item - it asks, do you want to delete? We say OK. That screen goes away bit it looks like it does nothing. No successful message, not even the usual XML error, nothing. The screen does not automatically refresh. Nothing changes, nothing moves. We must return to view screen and refresh to see if it actually deleted it. So far, delete has worked.

Update an item - We have box 2 and tried to add an item to it. But we did it wrong and Box 2 went away and became item 1 it at the box level. The hierarchy is so mixed up. When do you use ADD/Delete, etc at the bottom? And when do you use the Save, NEW, whatever at the top of the screen. It doesn't do the same thing at all times. Of course we keep getting the XML error every time we hit enter AND it takes 45 seconds every time we enter anything. Can you tell I'm frustrated?

Add an item - again where is the best place to add? I shouldn't even have to ask, the screen should be intuitive. You have to ADD in the box at the bottom, then SAVE at the top of the screen. Plus when you say add, a blank screen comes back. How can you tell where you are? When you want to add item 63, you don't see ANY items, so how do you know you want 63? What happens is you select ITEM and then the sort order comes up with 63. Why doesn't the other id automatically come up with 63 instead of having to enter it manually. You can change it if you wish, but no - you must enter it manually. Entry is now a nightmare.

Now I am looking at a record where I just added box 2. When I view it, there are 5 items in Box 1, and 2 items in Box 2. When I go to edit content collection. I see the 5 items that are really in box 1 listed as being in box 2. If I edit any of these, what is going to happen? I really don't know. Any ideas?
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