physdesc EAD encoding bug

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physdesc EAD encoding bug

Postby k.rimkus » Sat May 31, 2008 8:10 am


I've found a minor bug in the way Archon creates the physdesc/extent tag. If in the Collections Manager you type "2" and choose "boxes" in the drop-down menu, the EAD output will be:

<physdesc label="Quantity:" encodinganalog="300$a">
<extent unit="Boxes">2.00 Boxes</extent>

It might be a better practice to output:

<extent unit="Boxes">2.00</extent>

The Archon finding aid web display for the record looks fine, but users who output Archon EAD for submission into another system or union catalog of finding aids will most likely encounter a stylesheet that renders this as "Extent: 2.0 Boxes Boxes".

I'm using Archon 2.1, installed on a Red Hat server.


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