Relations to other objects, custom fields, report generator

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Relations to other objects, custom fields, report generator

Postby Wolfram Zieger » Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:19 am

Hello there,
I am not sure if I am wrong ( as I am still a beginner) but it seems to me that Archon 3 misses some functions which are critical for our institute (basically we want to catalogue our huge physical archive collection). Here is a list of things we miss:

- Relations to other objects at least inside the book section (like it's done for creators and collections):
- - i.e. there seems to be no way to build a link from one book to another
- - Also we have books with "inserts" (small additional "paperwork") which were put into the original book, lets say 100 years later. If there would be relations possible I could use them to define this relationship. An alternative could be to have an "insert" section for a single book. The level of detail description fields for the insert should match the description level of the "mother" book (this can get a bit iterative, I know, but well, in practice there shouldn't be more than 5 inserts per book)

- Custom fields
- - It seems there is no way (beside fiddling around in the MySQL DB and the PHP Code ;) ) to add custom fields to a book description
- - For example we would like to be able to put physical dimensions to a book description (height, width, length; others may wish to add a weight record). Also original ID numbers not used anymore is something I'd like to record.

As I mentioned before, I am new to Archon and right now I am trying to evaluate if it would be useful for our institute. I may be wrong and those functions are already build in. If so, please just tell me :)

Ahh, and I forgot to mention that I miss a report generator function!

Best regards,
Wolfram Zieger, Florence, Italy
Wolfram Zieger
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Re: Relations to other objects, custom fields, report genera

Postby prom » Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:07 pm


Thanks for your comments. You are right, that the 'book' feature is very basic. We intended it mainly as a proof of concept application and do not plan to develop it further at this time. If you are interested in extending it, please feel free to do so; you may wish to contact us directly if you think would like to commit any code changes back to the source code. However, if you do not wish to contribute code changes back to the sourceforge, you will need to be very careful so any changes you make are not overwritten if you ever upgrade your Archon installation.

Best of luck to you.

Chris Prom
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Re: Relations to other objects, custom fields, report genera

Postby david.b.malone » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:35 pm

[quote="Wolfram Zieger"]Hello there,
Ahh, and I forgot to mention that I miss a report generator function![/quote]

Though Archon does not contain a report generator, it is rather simple to bring in one that can complement Archon. One that we are fiddling with is an open source tool PMReport.

Currently we use this to pull back out accession information for statistics and receipting.

David Malone
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