Installing PEAR MDB2 in Windows

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Installing PEAR MDB2 in Windows

Postby Will » Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:33 am

There have been a few posts about this part of the installation, but thet are all a bit different to my problem.

I am trying to get Archon installed on my Windows Vista computer. I have Apache webserver and MySQL running on localhost. I used the Bitnami WAMPstack to get to this point. I have an empty MySQL database ready and have put the correct details into the Archon "" file. I put all the Archon files are in this folder: Program Files\BitNami WAMPStack\Apache2\htdocs\Archon

I go to:
... and get the message that "MDB2 is either not correctly installed or not in your include paths. Click <here> for more information on how to make sure MDB2 is installed and correctly configured."

I am afraid the help link raises more questions for me than it answers. Where do I use the command "pear install MDB2-2.4.1" ect.? Should I do this in the php.exe CLI command window? If I go for the manual install option, what directory do I copy the files into? BitNami WAMPStack\PEAR?

Tried doing the above and still getting the orginal erro message... Im relying on intuition rather than knowlege of php pr servers so please be gentle

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