Archon 3.x Changelog

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Archon 3.x Changelog

Postby paulnsorensen » Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:10 pm

This thread documents the notable changes made to the 3.x Archon branch.

3.21 rev-1
Change Summary:
  • Template changes for h1s, navigation pages
  • Various bugfixes

Change Summary:
  • Updated jQuery UI & other JavaScript libraries
  • Implemented new transfer interfaces
  • Implemented Finding Aid Caching -- caches finding aid output into database. Set the Enable Finding Aid Caching configuration directive to "Yes" to use
  • Implemented automatic reciprocal creator relationships
  • Several bugfixes, including AvSAP Assessments Manager bug, Faceted Subject Search bug, Control Card and Finding Aid output bugs

Change Summary:

  • Enhanced administrative interface
    • Full IE support
    • New advanced select -- replaces multiple selects
    • New hierarchical interface for collection content, classifications and subjects
    • New CKEditor behavior
    • Interface alerts you if changes have been unsaved
  • Public interface enhancements
    • Research cart now uses AJAX calls to add/remove content
    • are separated out by repository
    • Rounded corners now use CSS (except for IE -- known issue: rounded corners in IE remove element border)
  • Improved EAD support
  • Improved HTTPS redirection (see config settings below)
  • Implemented file "caching" to disk for publicly viewable files (see config settings below)
  • Moved template set field up to repositories
  • Implemented ability to set supported research functionality per repository
  • Added HyperlinkURL field to digital content to support non-hyperlink file paths

HTTPS Redirection
To add HTTPS redirection for the login page and all admin pages, add the following to your file:
Code: Select all
$_ARCHON->config->ForceHTTPS = true;

File Caching
If you use the digital library, Archon can now "cache" files or file previews that are viewable by the public by writing them to disk in the following directory: packages/digitallibrary/files/
If you would like to use this feature, you need to make sure your web server user has write permissions to this directory (common installations should give Unix permissions of 0755). Also, you need to add the following to your file:
Code: Select all
$_ARCHON->config->CacheFiles = true;
$_ARCHON->config->CachePermissions = 0755;

The CachePermissions directive should reflect the permissions of your packages/digitallibrary/files/ directory, unless you're running a WIndows server -- in which case this can just be left commented out.
Once you have the proper permissions setup, you can go to the File Manager and click the "Cache Files" button -- it only appears if there are uncached files. After that, every time you save your digital content records, your files will automatically be cached according to their respective access level.

Change Summary:
  • Added Creator Source Manager
  • Improved EAD Importer
  • Added ability to link creators and subjects to collection content
  • Added ability to invoke URLs to an external system to ingest/delete collections
  • Fixed HTML errors in digital content templates
  • Removed level container qualification from content sort order
  • Fixed digital library bug that prevented file uploads in some cases
  • Added configurable pubilc EAD list
  • Added Spanish translations to AvSAP admin help files

New Configuration Directives:
  • Enable Content Level Creators -- Enables/disables the ability to relate creators to collection content
  • Enable Content Level Subjects -- Enables/disables the ability to relate subjects to collection content
  • Invoke External System -- Enables/disables invoking specified URLs and targets by the following directives -- The actions are tied to the Export EAD button and the Delete button
  • External URL For EAD Export -- The URL which will be invoked upon a user clicking the EAD Export button in the Collection Manager. An example URL would be http://[URL]/external_ingest.php?action=import&archon_id={ID} -- Upon invocation, the {ID} will be replaced with the actual ID of the collection.
  • External Target For EAD Export -- Value, if specified, will be placed as the target attribute in the invoked URL for the EAD Export
  • External URL For Collection Deletion -- The URL which will be invoked upon a user clicking the Delete button in the Collection Manager. An example URL would be http://[URL]/external_ingest.php?action=archive&archon_ids={IDs} -- Upon invocation, the {IDs} will be replaced with a comma delimited string of the actual ID(s) of the deleted collection(s).
  • External Target For Collection Deletion -- Value, if specified, will be placed as the target attribute in the invoked URL for the Collection Deletion
  • Enable Public EAD List -- Enables a publicly accessible page listing links to all EAD records (p=collections/eadlist)

3.13 rev-1
Change Summary:
  • Fixed EAD export error
  • Fixed faceted subject export error
  • Fixed finding aid display errors, including lack of linked digital content
  • Fixed AObject and JSONObject loading functions
  • Fixed research appointment purposes bug
  • Added edit pencil to help phrases in admin interface
  • Added EAC batch exporter

Note: Any custom subject types added through the Subject Type manager will be deleted. You should update your subjects to use one of the default subject types we've provided.

Change Summary:
  • Added support for Google Analytics
  • Added ability to batch export EAD and MARC files
  • Refactored session handling
  • Replaced static database tables with JSON files
  • Removed Countries, Languages, Scripts and Subject Types modules
  • Several performance enhancements including a greatly reduced loading time for finding aids
  • Several EAD exporter and importer fixes
  • Added ability to associate Countries with Repositories

Theme and Template changes:

To Add Google Analytics Support:

In your file, add the following lines, replacing "UA-0000000-0" with your Google Analytics code:
Code: Select all
$_ARCHON->config->GACode = "UA-0000000-0";
$_ARCHON->config->GACollectionsURL = "/downloads/pdfsfa";
$_ARCHON->config->GADigContentPrefix = "/digcontent";

The bottom two lines are optional. The first specifies the Google Analytics URL where you would like to track downloads of the "OtherURL" field for your collections. In our case we use it for PDF finding aids. The second line provides the Google Analytics URL where you would like to track downloads of your digital content. Another folder will be added depending on the type of the file (e.g. images will be tracked in the /digcontent/images).

IMPORTANT: If you are running version 3.11 PLEASE UPGRADE! Collection content level web output suppression was automatically enabled for those who upgraded so all collection content is disabled. Those who installed fresh aren't affected by this, but the query that fixes it will enable all collection content (any enabled/disabled parent collection settings will NOT be affected -- this only applies to the new feature added in 3.11). So, anyone running 3.11 will have to reapply any settings made to the collection content level web output settings. If you choose to stay on 3.11, your settings will be overwritten moving forward!

Change Summary:
  • Important fix for content level web output suppression
  • New import/export interface
  • Support for truncation of scope information

Theme and Template changes:
  • Please see Chris Prom's post.

Change Summary:
  • Several public output permissions fixes
  • Added ability to suppress web output at the collection content level
  • Integrated new EAD template contributed by Northwestern University
  • Returned ability to transfer classifications
  • Fixed MARC import script
  • Added Abstract field to collections and Internal Title field to collection content
  • Updated EAC template
  • Searches that match subjects with children now display their child subjects in the admin interface
  • Help phrases in admin interface are now loaded by AJAX

New Configuration Directive:
  • Check For Updates -- Enables/disables calling the servers at to check for new versions of Archon

Theme and Template changes:
Default theme:
Default templates:

Change Summary:
  • Added new collection/content selection widget
  • Restored ability to batch renumber numeric content
  • Added helper interface for choosing sort order in collection content manager
  • Added 'View All' ability for public interface
  • Adjusted repository permissions, fixed digital library file permissions
  • Added ability to purge modification log entries
  • Moved public interface functionality code out of templates and into their proper public files
  • Additional package available: Audio-visual Self Assessment Program
  • Several bug fixes including Digital Library uploading problems

New Configuration Directives:
  • Pagination Limit -- Controls the amount of results per page in the 'View All' pages in the public interface
  • Limit Repository Search Results -- Limits search results to the default repository (or any repository set for a session) when enabled
  • Limit Repository Read Permissions -- Limits admin users read permissions for records not in their repository when enabled (only applies to admin users with repository limit enabled)

Theme and Template changes:
Removed templates:
  • Collections:
  • Creators:
  • Digital Library:
  • Subjects:

Add to custom theme style.css:
Code: Select all
.paginationnav {
border:1px solid #e6e6e6;
margin:20px auto;

.paginationnav:after {

.paginationprevlink {

.paginationnextlink {

#classificationdesc {
background-position:top right;
border:1px solid #E8EEF7;
padding:.5em 1em;

  • You should use only Firefox 3+ or Safari 4+ to install/upgrade Archon

  • Spanish phrases added
  • Collection Content Manager behavior fixed ("New" button works correctly, clear distinction between displaying root content and adding new content)
  • Added ability to limit locations by repository
  • Improved Installer/Upgrader behavior
  • Additional package available: Audio-visual Self Assessment Program (NOTE: currently in BETA form)
  • Improved success response
  • Several bug fixes

  • You must have PEAR MDB2 installed for Archon 3.0 to work[Installation Instructions]
  • You must be running version 2.22 or 2.23 to upgrade to 3.0
  • There is no longer a backup utility in 3.0, so please make sure you back up your database before making any changes
  • Upgrading can take several minutes -- please be patient! (The increase in time is attributed to the upgrader iterating over all of your digital content and collection content)
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