Books Collection Results Error

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Books Collection Results Error

Postby Sagi » Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:51 pm

I am using Archon version 3.21 rev-1 and am having a problem on the book collection results, where the error is Could Not Load Book: Book id not in database.

After some searching,I found that the id in the url of the collection results returns the tblcollections_booksubjectindex ID field and not the tblcollections_booksubjectindex BookID field.

I am referring to the following:
Click on Subjects tab, then click on the letter V
Next, choose Vatican City Link, which should be ... ard&id=393
The id 393 is the id field of the tblcollections_booksubjectindex table. Changing the id field to the BookID will give me the proper results
Link: tblcollections_booksubjectindex 165 : ... ard&id=165

Has anyone else run into this error? I am using the default template with no customization.
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