Digital Image Upload

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Digital Image Upload

Postby tonyc » Fri May 24, 2013 12:38 pm

My assistant and I are having quite a bit of difficulty with uploading (as well as viewing) images into the Digital Library Manager (DLM). Our first problem arose when we discovered that our image files (originally PDF's) were way too large; we slightly resolved this issue by converting the images to JPEG files (note: the admin user must add JPEG into the file types manager). We thought we were in the clear but ran into a dead-end when we tried uploading some of the images into the DLM and found that some of our images were slightly too large in Byte size to be supported by the system. My assistant got the idea to "back track" the uploading process; meaning that after creating the metadata for the image, she went back into the "Browse" section of the DLM and uploaded the image which was found in the drop-down box (because she previously tried to upload the image before, it was automatically saved into the drop-down box feature). We thought we had hit a home run with this option because we were not only able to upload the image successfully, but we were also able to view the image as well. She continued this process with the following pictures but had ran into another problem because the images she uploaded could "not be viewed because the photo viewer either does not support the file format or is not the latest version." We thought that the type of photo viewer or version of our computer may be the issue, but when trying to upload and view on another computer, we had the some problem. We have been in touch with the archon administrator and have tried to figure out why this issue is still occurring but have not been able to resolve it as of current. If any other institution or archive is having a similar issue, please do not hesitate to give any feedback or advice on how to resolve this problem.

Many Thanks,

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Re: Digital Image Upload

Postby beltramie » Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:13 pm

Hi Tony,

Could you make a sample image that you are having trouble with available for download? Is it downloadable from your Archon site, even if its not view-able?

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