Recommended php.ini / configuration settings

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Recommended php.ini / configuration settings

Postby prom » Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:34 am

Archon should work on most installations PHP 5.0 or higher with a MySQL or servers listed above.

If Archon does not install properly or if you are having trouble using any of the features, we recommend the following minimum configuration settings for the php.ini file:

• *memory_limit=16M
• file_uploads=on
• max_execution_time=30 (or higher; Archon may attempt to increase the execution time for certain scripts but will be unable to do if safe mode is off.)
• upload_max_filesize= 8M
• post_max_size=8M (or a value greater than max_upload_filesize)

*NOTE: A higher memory limit will be needed if you plan to record very, very lengthy finding aids or upload digital objects larger than 500KB. In testing, a memory limit of 32MB was sufficient to load digital files of 1MB in size and a memory limit, 70MB was sufficient to upload files of 3.5MB, and 128MB sufficient to upload files 5MB. Such large memory limits are needed because PHP handles database storage of hex files very inefficiently. For future releases, we are investigating methods to reduce the memory needed to store digital objects in Archon.

We recommend the following configuration for mysql (in the my.ini or my.cnf file):

max_allowed_packet=8MB (or a value equal to PHP’s upload_max_filesize).
sql-mode should not contain STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
lower_case_table_names = 1
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