The Archon sandbox is searchable on line

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The Archon sandbox is searchable on line

Postby hcea » Fri Apr 18, 2008 2:24 pm

This afternoon I had reason to do some research online for a certain construction equipment manufacturer, the former Shovel Supply Company. Imagine my surprise when a finding aid for a collection of records for this company actually turned up - at, of all odd places, someplace called the Appalachian Cultural Heritage Collection. Gaw-aw-lee and shazayam, I think, someone else has records for this obscure Texas company.

And, perhaps just as remarkably, it was created in Archon.

It took a moment for an even bigger shock to hit - I was looking at a finding aid that very strongly resembled my early experiments with Archon, to determine how it could be made to work for us. :shock:

It wasn't until I'd opened the [Contact us about this collection] window that I began to get suspicious. I went to the Archon Sandbox, and then I discovered the truth - an online search for this company had led me to my own Archon sandbox creation!

I know it wasn't meant as such, but it was a wonderful practical joke. I had the best laugh I've had in days when I realized what had happened.

Looking forward to putting 2.1 to work.

Best wishes,

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The Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and documenting for public education the history of the construction, dredging and surface mining equipment industries.
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