How to handle Flash animation SWF file on Mac

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How to handle Flash animation SWF file on Mac

Postby teopap » Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:28 pm

SWF is actually a Shockwave Flash file format created by Adobe and it is used widely on the internet. This file type is usually a video or vector graphics. SWF files are playable only in your internet browser and it’s difficult to find a video player capable to play without problems these video files. So, if you have SWF video files, you can convert them to any video format like mp4 and avi, in order to be playable on any video player in Windows. It can also be playable on MAC, provided that you convert the SWF video into a MOV video. In this case, you might be interested to learn [url=]How to convert SWF file to Quicktime MOV file[/url]. This is a simple guide to learn how to convert swf files to quicktime mov extension easily, so they can be playable on MAC. Not only you’ll be able to play these videos in your favorite video player, but you can also upload them to video websites like Youtube and Vimeo or view them in your portable video device.
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